Custom Financial Model


We provide dynamic financial models that are easy to use and with market validation. During the research process, we analyze the preferred revenue models, the estimated number of customers in the next five years, and the size of the market. Due to the fact that the model is fully automated, all of these aspects are interconnected. The client may also request a meeting in which he can see our live financial models and our work in action. You are welcome to attend a 30-minute free session in which we will discuss our approach to work and past projects.



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We utilize a comprehensive approach to create the best custom financial model for our clients. In order to identify the key drivers of the business, they analyze the client’s financial goals, industry trends, and market trends. As a result of this analysis, they develop a framework for the financial model, which includes assumptions and key metrics.

Our analyst then creates a detailed financial model incorporating all the relevant financial data and projections. Models are designed to be accurate and realistic, taking into account the client’s unique business situation and future prospects. Moreover, the model is simple to use, with clear and concise inputs and outputs that enable clients to understand their financial situation quickly and easily.

Following the completion of the model, our analyst provides a 40-minute video tutorial that explains how to use the model effectively. All the key features of the model are covered in the video, including assumptions, inputs, and outputs, as well as helpful tips for interpreting and analyzing the data. The purpose of this video is to ensure that our clients are fully equipped to make informed financial decisions based on the financial model and achieve their financial goals.