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3. Is this is a startup of the company is operational

4. How many locations do you currently have and what the space is used for -- Is the square footage and parking sufficient? At what point will you outgrow it?

5. Any other facts that might help build a case for your business and the money you are seeking

6. Do you want me to work on operational expenses or have the list of running expenses

7. What is the target market?

8. Who are the targeted customers?

9. What problems are you solving

10. What is the name of your company?

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NOTE:  It is not necessary to answer all the questions. Let me handle it if you do not know anything. Based on my findings and experience, I will conduct a market analysis and provide you with the answer.

Terms & Conditions

Our company provides high-quality investor-ready documents to assist startups and businesses in securing funding.

  • Any reply from our experts will be within 24 hours 
  • Our expert will give you 15 days to review and request changes to the business plan
  • Business Plan will be started when financials are approved or provided by the client
  • Any changes in revenue model or business plan after approval of financials will result in additional charges 
  • Changes in the revenue model are not allowed after approval of financials 
  • The project may be terminated if the client does not respond within 15 days.
  • The approval period for financials is seven working days.




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