Business Plan, Financial Model, And Pitch Deck For Real Estate Saas


Business Plan, Financial Model, And Pitch Deck For Real Estate Saas  


Our Myinvestorchoice provided services to clients in the Middle East who are involved in the Real Estate SaaS business and are seeking to target the entire Middle East and North Africa region (MENA). Our client requested that we prepare a dynamic and efficient financial model, a business plan, and a pitch deck. This case study shows that our company provided the best solutions and prepared our client’s ideal real estate SaaS business and financial model.


They requested we forecast a five-year financial model to cover its early development costs and expenditures through investments. 

The number of possible markets made it difficult to estimate the market size of each country separately and its feasibility. 

 Our client requested detailed research on each country’s competition and their analysis to enter the MENA region. 

As our client was entering a new market every year, we were required to prepare a hiring plan and payroll estimations for the next five years.  

Creating a dynamic and customized financial model that assesses each business component was crucial to determining the sales projection. It was also necessary to calculate investment returns to provide the customer with an idea of what they might offer their investors.

Providing A SolutionProviding A Solution 

 We developed an optimal and customized real estate SaaS financial model. In the initial years of operation, it helped clients identify how our financial model covered all costs and expenditures through investments. 

As a result of our extensive market/industry research, we have been able to estimate the market validation and the actual size of the targeted region. In addition, the real estate SaaS industry has excellent growth potential and can provide better returns.  

The competitive analysis is crucial to determining the status of the market’s competition. Taking into account the market’s large size, our team performed detailed research and provided a competitive analysis.

The Myinvestorchoice expert team developed the dynamic financial model that helped our customers change their 5 years hiring plan salary      

Our client has different sales channels for various customers (Agents, Realtors, Buyers, sellers, rentals, etc.); thus, our team forecasted a 5-year sale projection of their sales channels and revenue streams. The automatic financial model helped them change their assumptions and analyze various revenue scenarios and their impacts on statements.  

Business Model

[Business Model  

Our client’s business model pertains to the real estate industry, where they provide their services online. In the Middle East and North Africa, they provide platforms for selling, buying, renting, and booking online. 

Based on our detailed research, we have found fierce competition in the MENA region. Our client provided new features to gain a competitive advantage. Real estate SaaS models must be developed to attract investors and customers. 

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Highlights Of Financial Performance

Income Statement

To identify the monthly and yearly progress of their business, our client requested a report on their profitability and margins. Profit and loss statements were forecasted by our financial experts and dynamically presented. We forecast all relevant financial data, including the cost of goods sold, operating expenditures, depreciation of fixed assets, and taxes, for our client businesses. As a result of the linking of advanced formulas, our client was able to play with their model more effectively. Additionally, it allows our clients to analyze their expected profitability and the timeframe for when the company will reach profitability. Moreover, the automatic model enables our client to estimate profitability based on a variety of assumptions.    

Statement Of Financial Position

Using a forecasted balance sheet, we were able to determine the company’s assets and capital. Furthermore, it shows the company’s obligations in the coming five years. In addition, our client wanted to use all the funds when entering and establishing operations in new markets. 

Flow Of Cash

We prepared a cash flow statement for our client, which shows the overall inflows and outflows of cash in a business over the last five years. The company appeared to have the most cash inflows in financing and outflows in investing activities during the first year. To manage the business, they wanted to utilize their funds for their initial expenses.

Analyses Of Breakeven

Analyses Of Breakeven

A break-even analysis is an important tool for identifying areas where the company has no profit or loss. Based on the fixed and variable costs incurred each year, our team evaluated the project. According to the five-year future forecast, the company will reach its breakeven point in the fifth year and will be able to bear the costs in the future. 

An Overview

Our team developed a dashboard for our client at the end of the real estate SaaS financial model. As a result, the company’s overall performance can be analyzed. A graphical representation of all our 5-year forecasted findings was provided to our client to assist him in making appropriate financial decisions and strategies. 

Pitch Deck

Our team prepared an exceptional pitch deck to pitch our client’s idea into different markets and attract investors. A detailed pitch deck report summarized the relevant information from the business plan and financial model. We presented it in the presentation. The client requested that the significant data be presented briefly. Our team developed an impressive design that most effectively contains all the necessary information.

Final Thoughts

A real estate SaaS financial model,  business plan, and pitch deck were prepared by Myinvestorchoice to the requirements of our client. In addition to providing exceptional business services, we also assist our clients in growing their businesses with complete control over every aspect of their operations. Moreover, we prepared the project timeline and meetings session to complete the project on time and to discuss, understand and fulfil the client’s requiremen