Business Plan Template for a Startup Business

Want to make sure your business startup is a success? Lay the groundwork for your new business with this step-by-step template.

You can better prepare and handle challenges by writing a business plan so you can carefully think through every step. A good business plan is essential for financing, but it’s also helpful even if you don’t need outside funding.

The benefits of creating a business plan include:

  • Identify any weaknesses in your business idea so you can fix them before you open
  • Identify business opportunities you didn’t think of and plan how to take advantage of them
  • Analyze the market and competition to make your idea better
  • Allow you to plan for potential challenges so they don’t derail your startup
  • Persuade potential partners, customers, and employees that you’re serious about your idea
  • Prepare you with enough startup capital by forcing you to calculate when your business will make a profit and how much money you’ll need to get there
  • Find out who your target market is and how to reach them

Having a detailed, step-by-step plan will help you maintain momentum during the startup process.

This business plan template includes

You might feel overwhelmed when you’re writing a startup business plan. With this template, you’ll get a step-by-step guide to make the process easier. This template includes easy-to-follow instructions, questions to help you think through each part of the business plan, and corresponding fillable worksheets.

Your SCORE mentor will be able to see your startup business plan once you complete the 11 worksheets.

The following sections are covered in this template:

Documents in the Appendices supplement information in the body of the plan. Any evidence that supports assumptions or statements in the plan, like contracts, leases, purchase orders, intellectual property, key managers’ resumes, market research data, etc.

“Refining Your Plan” explains how to tweak your plan for specific purposes, like getting a bank loan, or for specific industries, like retail or manufacturing.

Create your startup’s business plan using the Business Plan Template for a Startup Business.

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