Digital Marketing Tool, Marketing Analysis Report, Dashboard for Beauty and Wellness Products


Digital Marketing Tool, Marketing Analysis Report, Dashboard for Beauty and Wellness Products 

An overview 

A beauty and gut health products manufacturing company founded in 2014 is the subject of this case study. To track their online marketing activities, the client requested Myinvestorchoice to create a “Digital Marketing Analytics Tool.” As part of their marketing strategy, they wanted us to develop a time-efficient method for collecting and analyzing digital marketing data.

This case study explains the challenges we encountered in developing this marketing analytics tool, the online platforms we used to collect data, and the final products we presented to our client.


 As per the KPIs defined, we were not able to extract all marketing data from a single platform, so we utilized multiple sources:

Financial Statements of the Client

Analytics provided by Google 

The Klevyo 

With Shopify

Social networking site

Our team had to calculate many of the critical marketing KPIs that were essential to understanding marketing performance as they were not available in the datasets obtained from these platforms.

 It was challenging to combine three different sources of marketing analytics, the company website, marketing applications, and Google Analytics, to provide the client with a comprehensive picture of the marketing efforts.

 As all marketing figures fluctuate daily, the client requested that the data in marketing analytics sheets be updated daily.

The challenge for our team was to explain the marketing KPIs listed in the marketing analytics tool to the client in the form of a detailed marketing report and to update it regularly. 

 For us, configuring the marketing data gathered from Google Analytics was a challenge.


·         To construct the marketing analytics tool, our team used Google Sheets so it could be used as a link between multiple platforms to extract cumulative marketing data.

Our team explained to the client the entire model of the marketing analysis tool in detail. 

By formulating the cells of Google Sheets to automatically update daily, we were able to resolve the challenge of changing figures and frequently updating data. These updates were reviewed by our team members as well.   

We conducted an in-depth analysis of all the KPIs that are relevant to the client’s marketing strategy. In addition, we calculated the critical marketing KPIs using the analytics tool and analyzed the results in detail.

Every month, our team prepares detailed marketing reports and communicates with the client.

 By linking the marketing analytics tool and Google Data Studio for interactive dashboards, our team presented the entire results obtained through the marketing analysis tool in a visual representation.

Strategy For Marketing

Report on Digital Marketing

The first step in the design of the marketing analysis tool is to understand the marketing strategy of the client. To increase traffic to the company website and increase sales, the client’s marketing team was using a variety of tools. The following are a few of them:

Marketing by referral

Marketing on an organic basis 

Marketing through social media

 Campaigns using CPC

 Marketing via email

Web sites

Additionally, they used two external digital marketing platforms to support their marketing efforts. As a result of this overview of the marketing strategy, our team was able to design the marketing analysis tool and narrow down the sources of data.

Tool For Digital Marketing

Report on Digital Marketing  

The focus of this case study is on a digital marketing tool that can help streamline marketing strategies and make them more efficient and cost-effective. In today’s world, many businesses are turning to digital marketing analytics tools as a comprehensive solution for all aspects of their online marketing, from budget allocation to creating brand awareness and boosting sales.

Myinvestorchoice is an industry-leading provider of business consultancy, offering adaptable marketing analytics solutions tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs. With extensive experience working with digital connectors, our developers can tailor a solution that meets your unique business requirements and provides the tools you require to remain competitive.

Report On Shopify Sales:

Shopify is an e-commerce website through which businesses can sell their products to end consumers. Since our client uses this platform to sell their products, our team also collected data from their sales report. The following elements were included in this dataset:

·         Orders received in total

·         The sales process

·         Amount of the discount

·         The value of returns

·         Costs of shipping

·         Order value on average

A summary of income:

Using the Profit and Loss summary provided by the client, our team also conducted a detailed cost-benefit analysis of the client’s marketing strategy to determine its cost-effectiveness. A major component of this analysis was the segmentation of marketing costs, which enabled us to identify the least to most cost-efficient areas.

Report on Digital Marketing

Report on Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing document provides a comprehensive overview of all of our digital marketing tools and the results obtained from them. Additionally, it provides highlights from each of the marketing metrics sections. According to our tool, data analytics, and Google trends, this information is based on current data. Based on logic and graphical representations, our team determined the marketing performance trends for the client. As part of our assessment of the client’s marketing performance, we conducted meticulous research regarding market benchmarks for all KPIs.

Based on numbers and KPIs, the report summarizes the results of the marketing analysis tool to demonstrate the progression of the client’s market penetration and the effectiveness of their marketing strategy. Additionally, the report provides a comparative analysis with commentary from our experts. The purpose of compiling this report is to provide the client with a simplified interpretation of all KPIs and their trends. In this way, the client can structure the perfect marketing strategy for expanding their customer base.

Digital Marketing Overview

Our team made interactive dashboards to present diagnostic reports in a clear and organized way. We aim to inform clients of KPI changes from marketing campaigns. The dashboards are user-friendly and visually appealing.

Final Thoughts

Our efforts are designed to help clients consolidate digital marketing data in one place, analyze it effectively, and devise a profitable digital marketing strategy based on their demands. For the client’s convenience, our consultants used complex formulas to make the model dynamic.

Three products were offered to the client; a digital marketing analysis tool, an interactive dashboard, and a comprehensive report. Using our industry expertise and innovative approaches, we can maximize ROI for clients‘ marketing strategies, increase brand awareness, and increase market share. Find out how we can help your business succeed by contacting us today.

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