Business Plan
Canadian Based E-commerce Company

In our role as Business Analysts, we developed a comprehensive business plan for a new beauty products company based in Canada. An analysis of the market, a competitive analysis, marketing strategies, and financial projections were included in the plan. The main challenge we faced was understanding the competitive landscape of the beauty industry and identifying the unique selling points of our client's products. Our team conducted extensive research and analyzed market trends in order to identify the gaps in the industry that our client's products could fill. Overall, we were able to provide our client with a detailed and accurate business plan that provided a roadmap for success. We based our financial projections on realistic assumptions and updated them regularly in order to reflect changes in market conditions. Our client was able to secure funding and launch their business successfully as a result of our plan.


Challenge & Solution

Our other challenge was creating accurate financial projections for the startup, given the uncertainty associated with new ventures. To address this challenge, we examined the market potential and the cost structure of the business, as well as incorporated various scenarios and sensitivity analysis.

Project Information


Gleam & Glow


Torronto, Canada


February 14, 2022